We brought a little friendly competition between our project supporters to kick off the next chapter in our journey. You must choose your decision wisely, as once you pick your faction you will be locked in for the season. The first season will end in 3 months, until our next big event.

First up will be a
2-week trivia competition.
Top 10 will win points for their faction. The winning team will earn a custom faction background! Every member of the winning faction will have the ability to assign it to ONE of the chameleons they own. The only other way to earn the custom background is by holding a squad when the competition ends.
Black Squad: Cosmic | White Squad: Woodland | gold Squad: Oceanic | burn Squad: Underworld
In addition – You can increase your odds of winning by holding a Chameleon Collective NFT from one of these factions. It will be taken into consideration that you are an indirect team member of the ones you hold.
We will have a tiered reward system for competitions. Each time your faction wins a competition they will gain access to winning greater rewards. We will have the full list of awards and more details on Sunday during our twitter spaces AMA. Please come prepared with any questions you may have in order to prepare for the friendly battles ahead!
Good luck everyone, and welcome to the ChamFam!
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Ilustrator and 3D artist extraordinaire. 15+ years of professional illustration experience and a Masters degree in 3D Environmental design from Virginia Tech. His passion is for a 3D world-building, and will be focused on pushing all the artistic, metaverse and and VR boundaries



Brand and product builder. Bachelors degree in graphic design. 8+ years building her own product-based business utilising 3D printing with a 30,000 user following. Her focus is on building the brand, leading up the giving back branch and helping with the education initiative



10 years USAF vet. Strategic management + business operations Guru. As this project grows from a 2D generative NFT project into 3D avatars and 3D world, he will help team stay lean and focused on core competencies and long-term growth